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Help us to make life fairer for Swindon students

8,000 young people in Swindon live in low income families and 15.6% of children live in poverty - the costs of higher education are out of reach for many.

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There is a gap in funding for young people in Swindon and we want to close this gap and make life fairer for Swindon students.  

The average busary award we give is £4,500 per student, supporting them over 3 years at university. The contribution is towards essential living and course costs, travel, food and accommodation.

The true costs of attending university away from home prevent young people from families on very low incomes from applying.  This difference in costs is enough to stop some young people pursuing their education.

It affects young people like Claire who attended New College - Claire's mum has a brain tumour and has supported Claire as a single parent on a low income.  Claire herself has worked hard both in school and in part time jobs but without financial support from Wiltshire Community Foundation she would not have continued with her applications to university as the accommodation and travel costs to visit her mum regularly were too high.  Claire is now studying neuroscience at Bristol University and is very driven to help people with the type of brain tumours that have affected her mum.

Families on low incomes just do not have the resources to close this gap without help.  Wiltshire Community Foundation aims to remove this barrier and enable young people to access degree level education.

These are the types of jobs that now need degree qualifications – teachers, nurses and other healthcare workers, engineers or public servants.  These are all jobs that Swindon needs to support their young people to gain skills and create a stronger community.  Swindon and Wiltshire does not yet have its own university so students have to go out of county to access this level of education.  This costs more and we want to make it fair for Swindon students, so that they do not have additional barriers to face.

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