David Holder was already familiar with our work thanks to his previous role as Treasurer and Grants Panel member. It was this, and the inspiration he got from hearing another donor speak passionately about the importance of our endowment, which motivated him to set up a fund in memory of his wife Mary.

“Mary and I had previously talked about our wish to set up a fund with Wiltshire Community Foundation. We had attended one of its events in 2018 where another supporter spoke very eloquently about why he had started endowment funds in memory of his two wives who had both sadly passed away.

“He talked about the permanence of his funds and how knowing they were there in perpetuity to support local causes was extremely comforting and important to him. His words stuck with me.

“During the Covid pandemic I watched as the Foundation stepped up to support local charities and voluntary groups. I have no doubt that without this support some of these brilliant organisations would not have been able to respond in the remarkable way that they did, and many would not have survived.

“The Foundation acted very quickly and adapted their processes to ensure that money and support got to where it was needed quickly. This underlined to me the efficient and professional way the organisation operates, which I had also seen firsthand during my time as a Trustee and Grants Panel member.

“The Foundation is a great funder and because of their relationship with numerous charities and groups they know where support is needed most. “Mary and I had always supported a range of causes, some national and some local, and it felt a natural next step after Mary’s death to want to do something more. I was attracted to an endowment fund because it is permanent. It provides the opportunity for our money to generate income and achieve more in the long-term.

“It really is an efficient and effective way to give and being able to name the fund makes it personal to our family and a wonderful way to remember Mary.”

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