We work closely UK top 100 law firm Royds Withy King, which trusts us to make the most of their endowment fund and also helps us to raise our profile by sharing details of our work with clients who may be interested in local philanthropy.

Malcolm Gregory, a partner for Royds Withy King in Wiltshire talks about why they choose to take out an endowment with us.

“Wiltshire Community Foundation has the specialist knowledge to make sure the money is used where it matters most to make a difference locally and that is important to us. Working in partnership with them takes all the hard work and the guesswork out of giving. We have developed an excellent relationship with them, we know their goals are aligned to ours and we are confident that the monies will be used in the most effective way.

“Wiltshire Community Foundation is brilliant at joining the dots and helping us to see the bigger picture. And when we review our giving at the end of the year it gives us satisfaction to see where the money has gone.”

As people become increasingly aware of the need to support local charities, firms like Royds Withy King are being asked for advice on how their clients can support their communities through legacies. “We do get asked a lot about legacies and we are happy to steer our clients towards Wiltshire Community Foundation as we have complete confidence that they will be given sound advice and any charitable donations or legacies will be taken care of in a responsible way.”

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