Giving is good for you!

  • Several studies have linked better health with generosity - even among sick and elderly people
  • Research suggests that giving reduces stress which is associated with health problems
  • Giving promotes social connection and cooperation
  • Generosity and kindness leads you to perceive others more positively and charitably
  • Giving is contagious
  • Giving creates a ripple effect of generosity throughout the community

Tax effective giving

Charitable giving can be an effective option for reducing tax liability both for private individuals and for corporate donors.

Gift Aid

Any UK taxpayer who gives to charity can allow the charity to reclaim the basic rate tax already paid on the donation using the Gift Aid scheme.  A basic rate taxpayer would give the charity an extra £25 in addition to every £100 they donate at no cost to themselves.  A higher-rate taxpayer can claim additional tax relief through their tax return.


A legacy to the Community Foundation is completely free of Inheritance Tax.

Gifts of Shares

Share Giving is exempt of capital gains tax and also qualifies for income tax relief. The donor can also claim tax relief on the full value of the donation.

Company Tax Benefits

Businesses obtain corporation tax relief when they give to charity.  A £50,000 donation to a Fund at the Community Foundation could cost a company just £8,000 per year for 5 years.

Payroll Giving

Many employees can give to charity through a Payroll Giving scheme. Employers deduct regular donations from pre-tax pay and pass it to the nominated charity. This means any tax that would otherwise have been paid goes straight to the charity.